… to the Harderwijk Adventist Church

The Seventh-day Adventist Church of Harderwijk is characterized by its hospitality and the desire to give everyone a place in the community. Church meetings are experienced as a weekly moment of peace and rest in which reflection takes an important place. Interactions are maintained before the Sabbath School, during the break and after the Worship Service. We strive to be a community where everyone feels at home.

Prior to Worship, the Sabbath School takes place. During this time all possible aspects of the Bible can be discussed. By means of a study guide, which each quarter outlines a specific topic or a specific book from the Bible, participants have the opportunity to learn more about the Bible. Many people think this is the most important part of the service because you can change thoughts with others. Any biblical subject can be discussed and many people use this time to submit their specific questions and it is obviously the intention to get deeper insights with each other. The children and teens have their own Sabbath School.

The Worship is characterized by singing, prayer and preaching. During the Worship Service there is a special moment for the children in which a children’s story is told. After the preaching there is another moment of singing and prayer. The service is closed with a blessing.

Time | (Under normal circumstances) every Sabbath (Saterday) the Sabbath School (bible study) starts at 9.30 am, from 10.30 am there is a break in which you can drink and socialize, the Worship Service takes off at 10.45 am untill about 12.00 am.

Address | Verkeersweg 2, Harderwijk, The Netherlands

Everyone is welcome and we would like to meet you in our church!